Empowering Maryland’s Future Leaders Through Civic and Fiscal Education



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As we approach 2024, BudgIT is thrilled to unveil our bold initiatives for advancing civic and fiscal education in Maryland. Maryland is a prime example of a government dedicated to fostering a sustainable future through an enlightened citizenry. Governor Wes Moore is passionately driving youth involvement in civic engagement, showcasing his groundbreaking SERVE Act, which was launched this year to inspire community service among the younger generation.

BudgIT’s proposed Maryland Civic and Fiscal Education Program aims to equip middle and high school students with a profound understanding of civic and budgetary responsibilities. Our objective is to cultivate an informed and proactive citizenry, laying the foundation for a sustainable future where everyone is equipped to contribute meaningfully to society.

The Maryland Civic and Fiscal Education Program is an opportunity for young scholars to learn about the budget, how priorities are decided, and how it affects them. This program is designed to expand their understanding of civic responsibility and participatory budgeting and help them become informed and proactive citizens who can effectively participate in democratic processes, address their community’s needs, and, ultimately, positively influence their communities.

The 10-module curriculum has been curated to cover crucial topics from the U.S. government’s foundations to long-term fiscal planning. Each module delves into specific aspects, such as budgetary decisions, stakeholder navigation, and addressing fiscal shortfalls. The readings, reflections, and presentations throughout the program have been curated to help scholars interrogate and challenge historical and contemporary expectations and the roles of young people in their communities.

To ensure that scholars are adequately equipped to engage in substantive discussions with their fellow students, the program incorporates pre-work exercises that supplement each session with comprehensive information on the focus topic. Participants will be able to reflect on how participatory budgeting operates in their community and generate ideas collectively regarding how they can be more actively engaged to ensure that the budget meets their specific requirements during these interactive sessions.

A 10-Week Journey of In-Depth Learning on Civic and Fiscal Education

Structured as a 10-week program, each module will unfold week by week, providing students with a deep dive into various aspects of civic and fiscal education. This format ensures a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, allowing students to absorb and apply their newfound knowledge progressively.

Who can participate?

This program is tailored for middle and high school scholars aged 13–16, a crucial developmental stage where young minds are receptive to foundational concepts. By engaging in this program, scholars will gain valuable insights beyond traditional classroom learning. They will develop critical thinking skills, public fiscal literacy, and a sense of civic duty, setting the stage for becoming informed and engaged citizens.

Our Vision for 2024

We aim to instill civic responsibility, financial literacy, and active participation in Montgomery County’s students by providing a comprehensive understanding of civic and fiscal processes. Through this program, we aspire to empower young scholars in the county to become leaders and influencers who are changemakers in their communities.

Why This Opportunity Matters

In a rapidly changing world, scholars need more than academic knowledge; they need practical skills to navigate the complexities of civic life. This program offers a unique opportunity for teenagers to gain real-world understanding, preparing them to actively participate in shaping the future of their communities. As the leaders of tomorrow, participants have the potential to drive positive change, and this program provides them with the tools to do so.

Seeking Partnerships

Collaboration is crucial to our success, and BudgIT is actively seeking partnerships to scale impact across the country. If you share our vision for an informed and empowered citizenry, join hands with us in shaping a transparent, accountable, and participatory public fiscal future. Let’s work together to mold the leaders of tomorrow, starting with Maryland’s students. Together, we can create a brighter future for our communities.